Guesting at Read/Write Web

I have yet to achieve my ambition of guesting on The Simpsons (although the movie-related competition offers a slim chance at that). But I have guest-posted at Read/Write Web, my favorite Web 2.0-focused blog.

The post in question is a comparison between Six Apart and Automattic, two “major indies” of the blogging world. I am pleased to see that it has drawn 20 comments so far. None of them complain of pro-Automattic/WordPress bias. Some of them I disagree with, but disagreement is one of the reasons to allow and encourage comments in the first place.

One of the comments I disagree with is that “blogging is dead vs myspace/facebook stuff. Where is the need for a individual expression tool when the whole business is moving to social?” I was going to respond to that, but Read/Write Richard beat me to it.

Since the article was published, much of the traffic to this blog has come from Read/Write Web. If you’ve just arrived via the link from there, welcome. Please stay and have a look around. If you’ve subscribed as a result of following that link, my particular thanks to you and to Richard.

That said, the next post will probably scare you off again. Bad poetry alert!

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