Grandcentral Invites

I just got an invite to GrandCentral. So I now have “one phone number for life” and it’s one that even I have a chance of remembering.

I also have some invites, so if you’d like one, please let me know by email or comment. Yes, I know that a more phone-based life form than I would accept requests via my GrandCentral number.

Update: all my invite are belong to others; no more left. Sorry!

9 thoughts on “Grandcentral Invites”

  1. If anyone has an invite to spare it would be much appreciated. I would be happy to share 5 invites with other users here once i receive them.

    wayoff111 at

  2. Hi…I would love an invite to grandcentral as well.


    dharmesh.topiwala at

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