Ten Favorite Blogs

Associated with what may or may not be blogging’s 10th anniversary, Pete Cashmore asks for lists of ten favorite blogs. I thought I’d list my current 10 favorites:

  • Universal Hub, the hub of the universe being of course Boston.
  • A VC, not just about venture capital, but also about music and more.
  • Drawn!, which has alerted me to a lot of great illustration.
  • Coverville, still the only podcast I listen to regularly.
  • Infectious Greed, another blog about VC and more.
  • Open…, about openness of source code, content, and more.
  • Little Fugitive in France, the fugitive in question being a musician.
  • Read/Write Web, still my favorite of the Web 2.0-focused blogs out there.
  • ProBlogger, which many bloggers may find helpful even if they don’t put ads on their blogs.

That’s nine blogs, described rather briefly because I’m lazy, and, unless you’re even lazier, you can click on the links. A few of the blogs that appeared on previous lists of 5ive blogs aren’t on the current list, excellent though they are or were.

I’ll close with a couple of challenges for you, my readers.

  • What is the order of the above list? (No, it’s not favorite-ness.)
  • Can you suggest another blog to go on my list of 10? (It shouldn’t be too well-known.)

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