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When Pete Cashmore asked for lists of 10 favorite blogs, I responded. My response has generated a fair amount of traffic (by my modest standards) to this blog, some of which followed the links on the list.

I was interested to see which links were followed most often. The medals went to: Read/Write Web (gold), Drawn!, and ProBlogger. Then there was a pack, with Coverville trailing the rest slightly.

There were a couple of surprises, at least for me. I was surprised to see RWW in first place, because I’d have thought that most people who read Pete’s blog also read Richard’s (or at least are well aware of it). I was surprised by the contrast between the second place and ninth place blogs on the “follow the links” list. I wouldn’t have thought that illustration would have attracted more clicks than music.

There have been no responses to either of the questions I posed in the previous post. In the absence of suggestions for an extra blog, to make the number of blogs on the top 10 list equal to 10, I might have to take that honor for myself.

I think that the question about the ordering of the 9 blogs was an interesting one. Take a look at the list, and feel free to post comments with guesses, requests for clues, etc.

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