The Constantine Spoke

Yes, the post title would be a great title for a suspense novel, one that would inevitably be made into a movie. But it actually refers to a recent post by Constantine von Hoffman.

He has a new job as Blogmeister for That’s good news, especially for Spoke (of which, more in the closing paragraph of this post).

For the most part, the post is a farewell to journalism. It’s also a lovely piece of writing. Here’s a sample.

Being a journalist these days is like playing baseball for the Cubs. Sure sometimes you get a hot streak but you know that no matter how well you do your job you’re playing for an organization that really doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing.

I’m puzzled by Constantine’s remark that the Spoke job is his “first non-journalism job since graduating,” except for a brief stint as a bartender. Is stand-up comedy journalism?

By the way, I just visited Spoke, did a search on my name, and found that it know about several Andrew Watsons. One of them has the job title “Director of Creation.” That must be my entry. I didn’t enter it, though, since Spoke demands a phone number in order to register. But the silliest thing I’ve found so far at Spoke’s site is: “Open Network™.” It certainly seems to be a site that could use some von Hoffmanesque help.

2 thoughts on “The Constantine Spoke”

  1. So the sit-down comedy of your blogging, which got you the new job, turned out to make you more money than stand-up?
    Funny, that…

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