AideRSS and PostRank

ARSSlogoIn what order would you like your RSS reader to display posts from your feeds? If you would like the order to depend on the amount of activity on each post, then the PostRank algorithm may be for you.

AideRSS is PageRank implemented as a web service. You don’t need to register in order to try it out on the blog of your choice. Yes, PostRank is to AideRSS as PageRank is to Google Search. By the way, I am amazed that PostRank was not previously trademarked.

If you want it to remember a collection of feeds, you can register for AideRSS, since it’s now in open beta. I have, and now My Feeds there total two: this blog and GigaOm. But wait, you might say, isn’t one of those blogs way more popular than the other? So won’t its posts always be PostRanked higher? No, I answer, because PostRank is calculated relative to other entries in the feed, rather than to all entries in all my feeds.

AideRSS may make me retract my earlier advice: Don’t Subscribe to Top Blogs. If I can see the top posts from such blogs, then I might be able to subscribe to a bunch of them without feeling like the guy in the cartoon.

I read about AideRSS on Read/Write Web, one of the top blogs to which I subscribe, in defiance of my own advice.


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