Richard Thompson on Web, NPR, Sonific, etc.

What do you think of this? We have so much music now that I feel sure we appreciate it less. I disagree with my statement by my favorite musician, but not with his follow-up.

There is also less musical self-expression. It’s a long time since I heard someone walking along the street singing to themselves out of pure pleasure, unless it’s in that bizarre way of moaning along to your iPod. That used to be something you would see all the time.

So let’s link to some of this excess of music. There’s a live show from about a month ago, thanks to NPR. It’s a band show, drawing heavily from the new album, Sweet Warrior.

There lots of other great stuff at, or linked to from, RT’s official web site. But I don’t think that the site links top any of the many RT tracks on Sonific. Here’s one from the 1000 Years of Popular Music project. Said project hits the American road again early next year, with the Boston date being Fri Feb 1.

[Sonific 47094de6b5b82b7a0943f416d01c0ffb509c880a]

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