Old Technology: CD?

A broken iPod sends Josh Catone and his friend back in time.

with his iPod somewhat broken… we opted to dig out his old Sony minidisc player for our traveling music… Older technology, like minidisc players, and to an even greater extent compact disc players… cause you to form stronger connections with the music itself.

Someone show Josh a real record, one that came in a 12″ sleeve and… but this is making me feel ancient. Having said that, it’s many years since I listened to an LP, and my records and turntable are long gone. (Thanks to charmingman for the photo.)

In fact, it’s about time I donated all but a few of my CDs, so perhaps the CD is old technology after all.

2 thoughts on “Old Technology: CD?”

  1. I fear if I professed my love for the 45, we’d just lose readers. 😉

    There really is nothing like listening to Miles Davis on a turntable, though.

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