Personal Organization 2.something

This isn’t a survey of personal organization web services. That would be a book, or at least a Mashable mega-post (along the lines of the 150 Facebook Powertools epic).

It’s just a note that the last week or so has seen activity in several of the organization services I use.

  • Scrybe is rolling out the last phase of its beta. I think that the impending corporate development announcement will help me decide whether Scrybe is the best place to keep my calendar.
  • The new Backpack is here. It really is here for me how that it supports OpenId. I like that 37signals is going for a single sign-on via OpenID, rather than via a username that works only for its own services.
  • By the way, Todoist is my current service for to-do lists, but that might switch back to Backpack.

One thought on “Personal Organization 2.something”

  1. might want to check out calgoo. just got an email from them (signed up for an account months ago and forgot about them) and i guess they have their new product group or something out. after sifting through the email i saw they had a free version along with their paid for versions so I checked it out and it was solid.

    food for though.

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