Bug Labs: Open Consumer Electronics

Fred Wilson recently posted about Bug – Slowly Coming Out Of Stealth. His post certainly reinforced the “slowly” part, leading Eric Friedman to comment that “basically it is something that does something?”

After reading today’s post from Peter Semmelhack, the CEO of Bug Labs, I feel that I know what Bug is building, or, rather, what it will enable us to build.

So what is BUG exactly? It’s Legos meets Web services & APIs. Imagine being able to build any gadget you wanted by simply connecting simple, functional components together. Now imagine being able to easily program, share and connect these gadgets in interesting ways. In essence, we’re building an open source-based platform for programmers to build not only the applications they want but the hardware to run it on.

Now that sounds cool and, even if bug hits a windshield, it will make an interesting splat.

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