No More CoComment

I used CoComment in the past, and went back to it when I read about the new version. That mainly means I installed the Firefox extension.

After that, my browser seemed to spend a lot of time telling me that it was waiting for CoComment. I remembered that this was one of the reasons I dropped the service in the first place.

Then, I was using Flickr, and needed to go to a photo page. I got the waiting for CoComment line at the bottom of the browser, then it stopped responding. I had to reboot. I tried again, with the same result.

In uninstalled the CoComment extension, and the problem went away. I admit that my laptop is not the healthiest of computers, but that seems all the more reason not to overburden it.

I don’t think I’ll be CoCommenting again. I like the idea of the service, but not its implementation.

3 thoughts on “No More CoComment”

  1. As some of you may have noticed, when we transitioned to coComment V2 Beta, we encountered some technical issues, not too uncommon for major product updates like this one. In an effort to eliminate as many issues as possible, we did a private beta test program first. However, as this is a major new update, it was impossible to test all possible combinations prior to launch. We could have waited longer to release V2 Beta, but we felt that our users would benefit more from getting a significanlty improved product sooner rather than later.

    With that, we are working very hard to solve any of the existing issues and make the service as error-free as possible. As some of the potential bugs may have not been detected yet, and we WANT to hear about any problems, comments, issues that you may be experiencing. This is precisely why we released a Beta version of the product and we encourage you to give it another try. Also, please feel free to send you feedback to and we WILL respond promptly to resolve them.

    Thank you for your understanding! The coComment Team

  2. Andrew: I apologize for the issues you’ve been experiencing with coComment. We certainly understand your frustration. We recently posted the info above on our blog to inform our users that during the transition to coComment V2 Beta, we encountered some issues and we’re working very hard at solving them. We hope you give coComment another try and in the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at Thanks! Kristina

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