Boston to Philadelphia

I left the house in Roslindale at 7 in order to get the 9:30 flight from Logan. I was at the airport in plenty of time for breakfast, which was scrambled egg, ham, and homefries, with coffee, and then a refill of coffee, at Ozone. It was fine, until I got the bill, which showed that I that I’d been charged for the refill, putting my bill for coffee at $4.

I’m flying US Airways. Or rather, I hope to be doing so soon. At 9:40, we were told that our flight would be delayed by one hour. There’s no working free wireless here, and $7.95 seems rather steep for a day pass that I hope I won’t be using for very long. Before I go to the airport tomorrow, I should set up Google Reader for offline access, although it wasn’t too impressive last time I tried it.

I’m finishing off this post in Philly at ~5pm. The plane took off about 75 minutes late. Due to a taxi and to light traffic, I was on time for my first meeting at 1pm.

I’m now at The Latham Hotel, which has excellent wireless internet. Wireless is included in the price of the room. That’s not the same as free, but it’s better than an extra charge.

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