Mashable on 2-Col WordPress Themes

Sean at Mashable just posted a a list of 30+ 2-column themes for WordPress. It’s a follow-up to his recent list of 3-column themes. The new post states an argument for 2 columns (i.e. only one sidebar): “some people prefer to keep it clean and simple.” Yes, I do.

Here’s the first comment on the new post: “Yeah… this one is the icing on the cake. *Delete Mashable from RSS reader* All of these “top XX blah blah” posts are really destroying your site.” And here’s the second: “Totally agree!!!!! It’s really annoying!!!!!” While I think that there are problems with these posts, they are not as annoying as comments containing more exclamation marks than words.

One problem is that posts about “XX blah blah” tend to elicit one or more of the following reactions: there isn’t enough detail on each of the blah blahs; the post is too long; hey, you forgot xx. Many such posts might work better as wikis, or as seeds for wikis, than as blog posts.

Mashable remains in my RSS Reader (Google). Since each post title tells me what blah blah it focuses on, it’s easy to ignore a post if it’s about blah blah I’m not interested in.

Besides, Sean’s new post indicates that he took notice of my response to his earlier post. That earlier post also remarked on the fact that Mashable’s own (3-col) theme has the search box in a rather obscure place: hint, hint, again,…

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