Ninjas at Nucleus

marininja.jpgNinja Show 2: Revenge of the Ninja is now on the web, as well as on the walls, of Gallery Nucleus. I won’t be able to make it to the show. Thousands of miles away, I will have to be content with a Ninja Burger.

The image is a detail from Mari Inukai’s painting. If you seek a “more ninja for your yen” print, you might agree with Robot Walrus: I really can’t think of anything more cool than a 24″ by 42″ print of hundreds of ninjas fighting, and get Ninjas All over The Place by Scott Campbell.

One thought on “Ninjas at Nucleus”

  1. thank you for your post! !
    I keep painting with my characters,, and this “kurokage” is just ninja version of him(me),, i animated him too..and painted him and and..anyway there are a lot of hi. if you can tell me how many of him are in my artworks,, i will give you a prize…
    i’m just kidding…

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