WordPress.com: 2 and Other Numbers

WordPress.com launched two years ago. A few days after that, I got and used an invite, and in turn gave away an invite via a strange competition. (Invites no longer required, of course.)

WordPress.com became my main blogging home on Feb 1, 2007. I purchased domain mapping shortly after, and was pleased when an email domain was bundled in.

But enough about me (to use a phrase you don’t often read on a blog). What about those other numbers? Matt just posted about some Nielsen numbers that show WordPress.com as the 4th-biggest blog site worldwide, and the fastest-growing of the top 10.

Andy posted about an addition to the stats available at WordPress.com: we can now view by week or by month, as well as by day. It’s a welcome enhancement, although not as welcome as good feed stats will be when we get them – and I think we will.

So, thanks and congratulations on WordPress.com, which has provided robust service while improving and growing.

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