Recommendations for Rhapsody

I enjoy Rhapsody, and consider it great value: each month, for about the price of a CD, I stream new releases, old favorites,… almost anything I want to. My fellow Rhapsody users include Fred Wilson and Miguel de Icaza.

Fred had an interesting post after the announcement of Rhapsody America, the joint venture between Rhapsody and MTV. He made several specific suggestions, such as acquiring Yottamusic, which provides a social network for Rhapsody users.

I have two further suggestions.

  • Make Rhapsody available on the world wide web. Or at least expand it beyond the USA. I pointed out in Fred’s comments that it isn’t. Others made similar comments to Miguel, after he declared that the news that Rhapsody will start selling DRM-less music at 0.89 cents a pop is ubertastic.
  • Make it easy for Rhapsody users to embed music in their blogs or other sites, and for their readers to hear the music. The current “Rhaplinks” feature is cumbersome for all concerned.

To illustrate, and to congratulate the New Pornographers on spelling harbour correctly, here’s a Rhaplink.

Myriad Harbour by New Pornographers

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