Steampunk and Its Opposite

On Sunday morning, I bookmarked two articles from the Boston Globe:Peter Bebergal on steampunk, and Ken Johnson on Frank Lloyd Wright. Apart from their Globular origins, the two articles could hardly be more different.

First, there’s the contrast between Steampunk and FLW. “Steampunk stories… eschew clean and orderly visions of the future in favor of gas-lighted streets, steam engines belching toxic smoke, and dastardly villains inventing strange technologies.” The works of steampunk artists would not be at home in FLW’s clean and orderly houses.

Second, one of the articles is rather more positive than the other. Surprisingly enough, it’s Steampunk that gets the favorable writeup. I should add that Johnson strongly recommended the FLW show at the Portland Museum, even as he takes issue with some of FLW’s work.

The third contrast emerged when I read my feeds on Sunday evening. Among them are multiple links to the Steampunk article, and none to the FLW article. Steam on!

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