Rides at Wrentham

Peter Oehlkers does not usually enjoy trips to the Wrentham outlets, where his job is “to entertain the three year old in this vast wasteland while everyone else is searching for brand name bargains.” But, on the most recent trip there, he brilliantly redefined his job: let L– ride ALL the kiddie rides and take notes.

I can now see why Peter is called the sage of Salem. At least, I can see why he ought to be so called. Well, I can see why Adam linked to Peter’s account of the adventure. I teaches us so much more than that a “Mossy Oak Mudslinger” isn’t a cocktail (although perhaps it should be).

I am not as smart as Peter. I mentioned his post to my wife. She is now planning a trip to Wrentham, where I will be in charge of Maddie (or vice versa) and the two of us will have a bag of quarters that weighs as much as she does.

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