Dogs Chew Vick Cards for Charity

Since Michael Vick was indicted on dogfighting charges, the value of most Vick stuff (jerseys, cards, etc.) has plummeted. There is, however, at least one exception.

Rochelle Steffen… gave Monte, her 6-year-old Weimaraner, and Roxie, her Great Dane puppy, every Vick card she owned to destroy. The cards, worth $1 to $10 apiece, were crumpled, crimped, chewed, torn and generally in a sorry state. Some even had corners missing.

She then auctioned the cards on eBay. The winning bid was $7,400. The money will go to animal charities. Although this is the only such auction to generate such a generous bid, the Vick affair does seem to have spurred giving: the Humane Society “has seen a large spike in donations since Vick was indicted.”

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