Sonific Expands in Three Directions

Sonific is a service that allows you to add music to your blog or web page. Musicians make tracks available, and you can create SongSpots for the tracks you want. You then add the SongSpots to your site; this is particularly easy to do at The big assumption is, of course, that the tracks you want are available.

Since I first posted about it, Sonific has enhanced its service in three ways. The first is that the library of music continues to expand, and now includes over 200,000 tracks.

The second is that a SongSpot can be created from a playlist, rather than only from a single track. This is illustrated by the three-track SongSpot at the end of this post. By the way, I wish that the SongSpot made it clearer that it is based on multiple tracks, by showing some information about tracks other than the first. At the time of writing, I have to click on the >> button to go to the next song.

The third enhancement was recently announced; it’s the Sonific MusicAPI, which will make the service more social-networkable and Mashable.

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