Jill Sobule, WSJ, and the End Times

Jill Sobule lying down with the Wall Street Journal seems like a sign of the end times. We haven’t quite got there yet, but Jill has written an article for All Things D.

It’s about the music business, in which Jill has “been dropped by two major labels and languished on two indies that both went bankrupt.” But the business is changing.

Well, no one in my world (the music industry) seems to really know what to do… None of my musician friends are mourning the demise of the record industry. Most of us got crummy deals anyway and never saw a penny of royalties… it’s an exciting time. But it’s also confusing. How do I release my next recordings?

Interesting ideas ensue, both in the article and in the comments. The main thing I’d add to the conversation would be to make some music available at Sonific. I for one would certainly enhance my blog with a Sobule SongSpot, were it to be possible.

Other Jill-related things to check out include:

  • Posts on my previous blog.
  • Recording with Don Was (and Jim Keltner, among others), with video of the session.
  • Jill’s blog on music and politics for Yahoo Music. I don’t think that it’s started yet. I hope that the curse of the Sobule doesn’t strike again and hasten the demise of Yahoo Music. What demise? That brings us back to the WSJ.

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