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October 3, 2007

On the support forums, Matt gave an insight into how ads are served at The same approach is used in the Who Sees Ads plugin for WordPress Classic.

I’m glad to know about the plugin, which seems rather neat. But I’m still not a lot wiser about ads. The plugin allows you to specific a set of conditions under which ads will be displayed to someone who visits your blog. It’s not clear to me what conditions are in place at

But, as I understand it, there will soon be a paid upgrade to allowing you to serve AdSense. I understand that the upgrade can be used to make your blog an ad-free zone. I wish the ad suppression was available as part of the CSS upgrade; after all, we CSSers at are already paying for control over how our site looks.

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  2. timethief Says:

    “I wish the ad suppression was available as part of the CSS upgrade; after all, we CSSers at are already paying for control over how our site looks.”

    if you have the CSS upgrade this is a walk in the park. Just add
    div.postcontent table {display:none}

  3. Andrew Says:

    TT, thanks for stopping by. Your comment appeared twice, so I deleted one of the twins.
    I’m aware of the fix you suggest, but I don’t like it for two reasons:
    – I think it’ll prevent the display of all tables in posts, irrespective of whether the tables contain ads
    – I believe it to be frowned upon by, and I can see their point, even though I don’t agree with it

  4. As they’ve admitted to not monitoring the ads themselves, I think it unlikely they would find out if you hid them with CSS. (I also think that having paid for their service should entitle you to an ad-free blog. I have real trouble thinking of another host which inflicts ads on paying customers.)

    But yes, hiding all tables in posts is kludgy and not an ideal solution.

  5. timethief Says:

    I apologize for the duplication of comments. I’m physically challenged and I sometimes inadvertently click twice.

    I do not find the solution to be a great one either. However, it does exist so I shared it.

    As for myself I have moved my primary blog on my domain that was formerly being domain mapped by to a install which is hosted by A Small Orange.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Timethief, no problem, thanks for stopping by. Hope you like ASO. I have a tiny account with them for a couple of test blogs.

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  8. timethief Says:

    What part of we hate the advertising that quietly sneaked onto our blogs does nagatlakshmi not get?

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