Curmudgeonly Kedrosky Unravels Twine

Paul Kedrosky, purveyor of curmudgeonly remarks on Infectious Greed since 2003, has this to say about Twine.

I had a brief look at the newly launched Twine site last night, the much-ballyhooed new search-semantic-web3 thingie launched by the folks at Radar Networks. I was earnestly trying to figure out what the heck it was good for — collaborate, semantic, tagging, sharing, data, etc. — and I never did quite figure it out.

I must confess that I jumped to the same conclusion, or lack of one, on the basis of an even briefer look. Now I don’t even need to go to the trouble of phrasing it.

In order to find out when Infectious Greed started, I looked back in the archives. They seem to go back to April 2003. One of the posts from that month is about a youngish Chicago economist. I like Levitt’s stuff, it’s a kind of guilty pleasure, but there is something a little just-add-econometrics to it. Maybe we’ll hear more from young Steve

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