IBM: Incredibly Bogus Meta-Patent?

IBM Corp. says it has dreamed up a new method for profiting from its vast storehouse of patents. And by the way, the company wants to patent the idea.Those are the basic facts, as stated by AP. Register writer Chris Williams had fun with these facts.

Paging MC Escher… Sometime computer maker and intellectual property clearing house IBM has threatened the fabric of space-time by attempting to patent profiting from patents… Intellectual property will have finally eaten itself, and we’ll be in the corner mumbling and drinking diesel from a plastic champagne flute.

I think that the patent is rather narrower, and thus slightly less ridiculous, than Chris and Matt Asay imply. It may also be less evil. Back at AP, we read that: “Alex Chartove, a patent lawyer with the Morrison & Foerster law firm, said IBM’s proposal appears to be aimed at hindering patent trolls.”

Ah yes, I remember those MoFo lawyers.

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