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logoDefensio is a spam comment blocker. Defensio boasts a few features lacking in Akismet, most notably the ability to sort your blog’s blocked comments by “spamminess”, according to Mark Hendrickson at TechCrunch. That got me interested enough to try the Defensio plugin at my WordPress test blog, but then realized that WordPlay doesn’t get enough spam comment to provide a test of Defensio.

Mark refered to “a few features lacking in Akismet,” and goes on to imply Defensio’s “open API that makes the blocker available for use with non-blogging applications” is one of them. But that feature is present in Akismet, and clearly described in the FAQ: The Akismet API can be adapted for almost any application with submitted content, including forums, wikis, and contact forms.

3 thoughts on “Defensio Against Comment Spam”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I’d like to clarify: while you’re right to point out that Akismet does provide an API, we feel (and have heard from developers!) that the Defensio API is much easier to integrate into their applications.

    I invite to check it out at

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