Forrester Fumbles Firefox

November 21, 2007

Good news: Charlene Li notes that video highlights from Forrester’s Consumer Forum are available online.

Bad news: “Note that you need to use Internet Explorer to use the navigation and see the slides.” Perhaps there is a certain logic to that. It may well be that Firefox users already know all about what Charlene calls “The Groundswell.”

Bottom line: you can still see and hear the video of Charlene and the other speakers, even if you can’t see the slides, with Firefox (and, I presume, pretty much any other browser).

3 Responses to “Forrester Fumbles Firefox”

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  2. Charlene Li Says:

    Hi Andrew – first, thanks for picking up on the videos. This is an issue with our video provider, so we’re looking to make a switch in early 2008. I was pretty puzzled when the video wasn’t working for me in FF, so I wanted to make sure that people used IE to view them.

    So thanks for your and everyone else’s patience as we work through our video provider issues. Enjoy the video!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Jeremiah and Charlene (each of Forrester) – thanks for the impressively rapid responses to my post!

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