Six Apart Sells LiveJournal

December 2, 2007

I just saw a couple of posts about Six Apart selling LiveJournal to SUP, a Russian media firm. My reaction to the news was similar to Om Malik‘s.

The sale of LiveJournal shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. LiveJournal founder and lifeforce Brad Fitzpatrick recently left SixApart to pursue other opportunities. He currently works for Google.

Meanwhile, at Mashable, the headline states that: Six Apart Unloads LiveJournal. In the body of the article, Kristen Nicole puts a more positive spin on things, pointing out that SUP has managed the recent growth of LiveJournal in Russia.

4 Responses to “Six Apart Sells LiveJournal”

  1. kszysiek Says:

    I’m suprise they selling that ,well what you can do.

  2. Allan Says:

    ‘…growth of LiveJournal in Russia’?

    I think Matthew’s WP Russia launch is much awaited, if not, they’re yet to set sights at the right place.

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