Coverville Countdown

‘Tis the most Coverville time of the year: Countdown time! For those not with this particular program, Coverville is a podcast focusing on cover versions, and the Countdown is a listener poll for favorite covers.

Looking at the list of nominees, I see three that I must vote for, and one that I should have nominated. One of the must-votes is Richard Thompson doing Britney’s “Oops!” This is something of a tactical vote, since I don’t think it’s Richard’s best cover, or even his best from the 1000 Years of Popular Music project. So I include another song from that project in the widget.

[sonific f9cabfa65ce68b101422c6658a8fdf3796c2d028]

The second must-vote is Jonathan Coulton doing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Although it stands on its own as a music-only cover, I strongly recommend watching the original Mix-a-Lot video synchronized to Jonathan’s version. In order to find it, it’s probably best to go via Jonathan’s post about the video, since comments there have tracked the video past at least one takedown notice.

A third and final must-vote is Porter Waggoner’s moving cover of Johnny Cash’s “Committed to Parkview.” The should-have-nominated track is the Beatnix’ Merseybeat take on “Stairway to Heaven,” captured here in glorious black and white video.

Now, I need to make sure I don’t miss the Countdown voting deadline (which I can’t seem to find now) like I missed the nomination deadline.

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