Service in Boston

The post title is neither oxymoronic nor sarcastic. Thanks to the following establishments for good service in the last 10 or so days of 2007.

  • West on Centre, for the free desert on my birthday.
  • Canto 6 Bakery and Café, where the service is just one part of being what a bakery should be. (Strange that someone who lives in Roslindale should go to a JP bakery, perhaps, but it’s on the way to work after dropping the kids off.)
  • Roche Bros in West Roxbury, for giving my son a Merry Christmas balloon while we were waiting in line.

Happy new year!

6 thoughts on “Service in Boston”

  1. Funny, I live near Canto 6 and as much as I love the food, friends and I joke about the almost always sullen-looking employees. They bake a mean croissant though.

  2. I agree with Lyss. My bf and I marvel at the sullen and occasionally rude folks that work there. I took my mom there once and had to explain that “it’s not you… they are always like that.” They do make a mean scone though…

  3. Lyss and a, I’m sorry to hear that you find the C6 staff as mean as the goods. My experience continues to be closer to Liam’s.
    Thanks to all for the comments!

  4. At Canto 6 they are extremely busy and have to deal with a lot of difficult people in great waves–many customers are of the “I will talk my 3 year old through every choice in this pastry case whether or not there are 5 people behind me” variety, while others are of the truly crazy but harmless variety. Also, there is a variety of customer who complains when they are too nice and chatty because it holds up the works. I find them (the staff) to be great as long as you know what you want and exchange brief but sincere pleasantries–as it should be.

  5. I agree that there are some very nice folks working there too. As someone who waited tables for more than half her life, I know how hard it is facing the public all day. I am a polite and prepared customer which is why I’m always puzzled. I still go there often and am always on my best behavior… as we all should be.

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