Credit Card for Free Trial

Many of us are better off not believing in a free trial offer that demands a credit card number. The free trial may well cost money. I’m not thinking of out-and-out fraud, although I’m sure that does happen.

I’m thinking mainly of the case in which we forget to cancel the service, even though we don’t use it. This most recently happened to me with eMusic.

There’s also the case in which the firm, in error, charges the card when it shouldn’t. Something similar to this happened to me with Zipcar. A couple of phone calls fixed the problem, until it recurred a few months later.

So, when my new MP3 player (on which, more soon) came with a free trial of, and the trial required a credit card number, I decided not to spend the time – and, perhaps, money – using the free trial.

2 thoughts on “Credit Card for Free Trial”

  1. Thanks for your post, I was going to try the emusic free trial, but now im not. Is there any way to put in a fake credit card since they are not charging it?

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