Calendar, Lists, etc.

Any recommendations for web-based calendar, to-do lists, etc.?

I’ve been keeping my calendar at Scrybe since November 2006. Not much has been heard from the Scrybe folks since November 2007. I don’t feel confident that the next release will include the enhancements to the PaperSync feature that I’ve been requesting for over a year now.

I’m inclined to switch to Google Calendar. My wife has just started using GMail, and so it’s easy to share a family (kid’s appointments, etc.) calendar with her via Google.

That leaves open the question of to-do lists. I’m currently using Todoist. Or rather, I’m not. It just doesn’t feel as right as Backpack lists. But the Backpack calendar isn’t included in the free plan.

I’m tempted by Remember The Milk. It has a cool name and logo, integration with Google, free plan including calendar and to-do lists, clean look,… but so, I think, do several other options… but none of them have a cow in the logo… but is that really an important criterion?

I fear that I am more interested in researching organization tools than in being organized.

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