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TechCrunch had invitations for Musana, a digital music locker service. I grabbed one of them, and soon had my own little slice of the Music Happiness Center, as Musana describes itself.

I haven’t found happiness at Musana yet. Of the 8 tracks I tried to upload, only 2 made it. There were no error messages about the other 6. The two that did make it were the smallest. That makes me suspect that it’s something to do with file size, but the upper limit specified is 15MB/file, and none of the files is over 10.

The Musana people aim to develop numerous music related services and the most accurate recommendations to suit your musical tastes. I need to keep better track of all these music lockers up there in the cloud. I don’t just mean that I’d like a better handle on feature comparisons.

I mean that I wish I could remember where I put which music files. I’d like a tool to keep track of the lockers I’ve tried out, stashing music in them as I did so. MetaLocker? LockerTracker?

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  1. Many thanks for your thorough and fierce comment Andrew.

    On the upload, files are uploaded if not bigger that 15MB/file and then made available in your library if clearly identified with Gracenote MusicID technology. Please feel free to post the list in our contact form for us to analyse this issue and come back to you. We are striving to implement an accurate music recognition feature and therefore your feedback is most precious to us.

    Your suggestion on tracking your many lockers accounts in one place, potentially on Musana, is a great idea and we will definitely put it on right place on our enhancements and new features roadmap.

    Once again, thank you for trying musana. Looking forward to keeping you happy with your music.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I just tried to upload another album, with only partial (8 tracks out of 12) success. I have indeed used the comment form at your site.

  3. I encourage you to try MP3tunes. I think we’re the leader in the business and have stored hundreds of terabytes of music. More importantly we have a public API so once the music is store you can listen to it on many popular internet radio devices like those from Logitech (Squeezebox), Reciva, Noxon and being unveiled at CES – Audiovox at a $129 price point. With these devices you just turn them on, type in your account info and you have your entire music collection in any room of your house or office.

    At CES, we’re also showing our first car device. Yup – your music locker in your car. It’s great stuff. Clarion is showcasing in their booth, Intel’s and others their MiND system which will sync songs from your net locker to your car whenever it is near a net connection.

    Plus we recently announced ability to send music from your locker to any mobile phone (except the iphone cause Jobs locks that up).

    Of course users have built lots of other interfaces for DVRs, game consoles, etc. You can see screenshots at: And we have a free account users can sign up for.

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