Case for Tumblr

Ruhi recommends that you Get Yourself a Tumblelog Today. I recommend her post, for the following reasons.

  • Clear characterization of what a tumblelog is, and, in particular, what Tumblr is good for. Typical posts are “shorter than traditional blog posts, but longer than your Twitter updates” (although, like me she doesn’t much care for Twitter).
  • Good case for using Tumblr. She positions it as a complement to, rather than substitute for, WordPress and similar tools.
  • Interesting set of comments on the business side of Tumblr and, more generally, on startups and VC.

I have two tumblelogs.

  • In one, the typical entry is an image, with a couple of links and sometimes some brief remarks. Andrew’s Art Cart is essentially a wish list, where each wish is for a print that someone might buy for me.
  • In the other, the typical entry is a widget that isn’t allowed here at Widget Way is very much a complement to Changing Way.

3 thoughts on “Case for Tumblr”

  1. Hey thanks for the ping back. Glad to know that you agree with me 🙂 I took a look at your tumblelogs and I really liked Widget Way…fine collection there. I wish I’d started a tumblelog earlier.

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