Mug Me Twice…

I read about The Mug Project twice today: once at the Boston Globe, once at Universal Hub.

We raise awareness about the unnecessary waste caused by the use of disposable beverage containers and advocate for the use of mugs as an alternative.

We? Yes, I joined the project, already being in synch with its aims. That’s not just because reusable mugs are better for the environment. They are often better for the pocket, in that many places charge less to refill a mug than they do to give you a disposable cup of similar size. One such place that I’ve used a lot in the last month or so is Canto 6 in Jamaica Plain. I also find mugs to be better for the taste buds, since disposable cups mar the taste of coffee.

The Mug Project is a network: it’s implemented as a social network at Ning; I am member 50; and, although it started in Jamaica Plain, there’s no reason the network shouldn’t spread as far as…. Cambridge (MA)… Cambridge (UK)… and further.

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