Facebook Apps to Infest Web

From allfacebook (via TechCrunch): Facebook just released their JavaScript client library than enables developers to extend their applications to their own websites.

At around the same time, I saw this article about a rampant strain of seaweed (via Reddit):

By repeatedly subjecting specimens to harsh aquarium conditions and selecting the ones that survived the best, researchers developed Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agandh, a new-and-improved, genetically distinct strain which was particularly hardy and fast-growing. This variety was ideal for their purposes and it was shared with other museums and aquariums. For a time, all was well and good in the world of marine botany. In 1984, however, a square meter patch of this new variety of Caulerpa was found in the Mediterranean off the shore of Monaco, right outside the Oceanographic Museum.

Evidently a little piece of it was flushed down a drain… Caulerpa spread… By the time anyone got around to doing anything about it, the infestation covered several acres and was beyond anyone’s control.

Perhaps I’m having a nightmare, from which I need to wake up. But don’t poke me awake…

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