Lego Turns 50

Happy 50th birthday, Lego. I became aware of the occasion via Mashable Stan, who drew attention to today’s Google logo, and to the fact that it’s actually the 50th anniversary of the filing of the patent on the Lego brick.

You know, I once spent a week at Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Or rather, I taught a week-long software course at the Lego plant in Billund, staying in a hotel owned by Lego (but not built of Lego). Despite the excellence of the training facility there, the pleasantness of the people, and the tour of the factory, it wasn’t the most interesting of weeks. Legoland was closed for the season, and there wasn’t much else to do in Billund.

3 thoughts on “Lego Turns 50”

  1. I have to say that it’s a very happy event indeed!! Lego has always been my favorite thing to play with as a kid, and I still feel the urge to do so whenever I see anything made out of Lego (even this Google logo). I can’t begin to list all the things I have built with Lego bricks. Although I’m not a very big fan of the very specialized, very themed sets that have flooded the market recently, with pieces that can only be used to build one or two items max.

    Anyway, still a great thing…Happy birthday Lego!!

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