Cluetrain, 10 Years On

Josh Bernoff of Forrester posted about “a series of events looking at the Cluetrain Manifesto ten years later.” The first such event will be in New York on Feb 13.

I’m not getting carried way about how wonderful the event(s) will be. The NYC event, for example, costs $76.50, which seems somehow un-Cluetrainish. Then there are these words from the essay with which Christopher Locke closed the Cluetrain.

Will Cluetrain be the Next Big Thing? Not if we can help it… The only decent thing to do with Cluetrain is to bury the sucker now while there’s still time, before it begins to smell of management philosophy.

Having said that, I do hope that there is a Boston event. Cluetrain is, after all, and after 10 years, a big thing. And Markets Are Conversations is a great essay.

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