SWPL Can Has Bookdeel

The NYT reports book deals for two WordPress.com blogs: Stuff White People Like and I Can Has Cheezburger. I don’t get the latter: LOLcats don’t make me L, certainly not OL.

But I do get the former. That’s probably not surprising, coming from a white guy married to an asian girl. Having said that, SWPL isn’t one of the feeds in my reader. SWPL is a site I visit when I link reminds me of its existence.

Today’s link came via Toni, who blogged about the book deals. I’m glad it came today, because I really love today’s SWPL post, about music and the piracy thereof.

I didn’t mention book deals in my account of making money from your WordPress.com blog. Perhaps I should have done. But given that there are millions of WordPress.com blogs, and a handful of book deals, the omission doesn’t seem too serious. On the other hand, SWPL apparently got a $300k advance.

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