GPL: Flavors and Numbers

Palamida maintains a watch on GPLv3 adoption. Over 2000 projects are now using v3. After reading the current PalaPost, I had the following questions.

  • Who are these Palamida people?
  • Why are they using Blogger, rather than free/open source software, for their blog about use of the most prominent free software license?
  • What about AGPL adoption? (Pala’s post mentions AGPL, but doesn’t provide numbers.)

Matt Asay, via whom I saw this, shares my interest in the last of these questions. In researching the first two I tried to get to, only to encounter a Drupal mascot and an “unable to connect to database” error. I guess Palamida is trying to use free software…

2 thoughts on “GPL: Flavors and Numbers”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Our apologies that you had trouble viewing our site. We don’t in fact use free software for it but due to our location in the heart of SF’s financial district, there are times the ISP has trouble, and this is reflected on our site (as well as hundreds of others) however, seems to be working fine now. As for who we are, Palamida provides application security for open source. We are the only firm in the industry that can pinpoint open source vulnerabilities, licenses concerns and business issues down to the very line of code the OSS resides in. We are used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide to manage the adoption of open source – for which we are huge advocates. We have been around for more than 4 years now and it’s a failure on my part if you haven’t heard of us. I’ll work on that!

    Matt is a great guy and a very knowledgeable source. We are keenly aware of the need and desire to track AGPL and have actually been doing so already. The most important thing to us as an organization is to present this data in a meaningful way. So, as I mentioned to Matt on the same blog you refer to, stay tuned.

    Melisa Bleasdale,
    Director of PR

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