WordPress 2.5 and…

After WordPress 2.5, what next? Matt Mullenweg gave a talk at the recent WordCamp in Dallas about 2.5 and beyond. There’s video of the talk at the WordPress Podcast. The “beyond” part of the talk, which starts at around the 50 minute mark, doesn’t include anything earth-shattering.

The more immediate sequel to the launch of 2.5 was the 2.5-ification of WordPress.com. That just happened, to considerable outcry in the support forums. Some of the outcry might have been pre-empted by an announcement that the dashboard was about to change, and here’s how. On the other hand, some people just plain don’t like the new dash, and are lobbying for the return of the old look, or at least for the option of keeping the old look. Personally, I’m not part of the outcry, which I expect to die down soon.

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