Long Self-Portrait as About Video

April 15, 2008

The folks at PhotoJojo coined the phrase long portrait, Mashable Stan hailed the long portrait as a use for Flickr video, and Heather Rasley commented about the long self-portrait.

That got me thinking about an About video, in lieu of, or as part of, a blog’s About page. So I made such a video. There’s about a minute of About video.

2 Responses to “Long Self-Portrait as About Video”

  1. Heather R. Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Neat! Good idea. Glad I could be a bit of an inspiration for you🙂 Wonder if this will catch on…


  2. Andrew Says:

    Heather, thanks for the comment, as well as for the inspiration. As for the idea catching on, my blog stats don’t think it’s done so yet.

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