BlogIt From Facebook: But Why?

I'm posting this from Facebook using BlogIt, an application written by Six Apart. You might know Six Apart from such blogging tools as Movable Type, TypePad, and Vox. BlogIt allows you to post, from Facebook, to a blog at any one of those three – or at Blogger, or at WordPress (self-hosted or .com), and so on.

BlogIt allows you to send the same post to a combination of such places, as well as to your Facebook mini-feed. This post is just going to Changing Way and to my mini-feed. That would be a good thing if I had friends for whom Facebook is the web (just as AOL was the pseudo-web of their parents), and I wanted to make sure that they saw my blog posts. I already do that, and do it rather better, using the FB app, but of course that's

Even so, I don't see why or how BlogIt could be the start of something big. And now I have to go to to fix this post, since BlogIt doesn't let me categorize or tag it, and I'd rather use the post editor there to put in links than have to type in the html here.

5 thoughts on “BlogIt From Facebook: But Why?”

  1. Andrew, I don’t disagree that if you’re doing a lot with tags, editing entries, etc then today Blog It isn’t the app for you. All of that sort of stuff is easy to add which is why I really believe in the social aspects of Blog It being those that truly create the value. We were one of the initial launch partners for Facebook Beacon, but implemented it as opt-in from day one. On TypePad we saw a great response; bloggers want to tell people they know about their new posts.

    While today Blog It has a utterly simple composition interface, that will change, and we’ll also be adding more ways to get the word out about your content. Thanks for taking the time to try it out though and letting us know what you need to see to make it useful for you.

  2. David,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Something I should have emphasized positively, rather than just mentioned, in the original post is the fact that BlogIt allows posting to WordPress, etc., as well as to Six Apart’s own products.
    I’m sure that the composition interface will become richer soon, especially with respect to the things that almost every post editor has: links, emphasis, etc.

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