Choosing Between Drupal and WordPress

That choice was the theme of a talk recently given at a conference in San Francisco. You can see a video of the talk at the blog of either of the presenters. Andy uses Blogger, Selena uses WordPress. I found the video via Kieran, who uses Drupal.

Here’s my summary of the 18-minute video.

  • Preamble. We’re not trying to pick a winner, but to highlight the differences between D and W.
  • Getting site started: W+.
  • Managing site as it grows more complex: D+.
  • What does the software want to do with data? D: whatever you like. W: publish it.
  • Who’s the focus of the community? D: developers. W: users.
  • Wrapup.

4 thoughts on “Choosing Between Drupal and WordPress”

  1. Hey there Andrew, thanks for taking the time to watch our video, I know it wasn’t short!

    Your outline is spot-on, we may even steal it 😀

    Yes, our blogs are in WP + blogger, but we have a lot of Drupal in our lives, some included in the presentation’s screengrabs.

    I use Drupal for community management, and application stuff. What’s your favorite use of Drupal? WordPress? We’d love to hear about other people’s preferences and habits.

  2. Andy, glad you liked the outline. Since I use CC-by for this blog, I actually encourage “stealing with attribution.”
    I haven’t used Drupal. That’s mainly because of the learning curve you describe.

  3. I am trying to start a blogging website, and I need help to choose one. I need to have individual sites like , , etc, and site1 is of user1 and site2 is of user2. How to implement this?

    In Drupal, the working is like- one blog with many users , but in WordPress ms or mu, the concept is individual blog for individual user.

    This is what i understood researching the internet. Everyone says it is better to use Drupal, but will I get the functionality I mentioned above,?

    Also, many people say that, it takes too much time to load a Drupal based site. Is it so. How to makke it load fastet?

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