Wireless Music

Most of the time I play music these days, it’s on a PC. That sometimes means lousy built-in laptop speakers. So it was time to get something that plays the music through our stereo.

That turned out to be the Creative Labs Xmod Wireless Music System. It arrived last week, packed well enough to survive some rough handling before it got to us.

So far, I’m pleased with it, without being blown away. It is very quick and simple to set up. There’s no software to install, just a transmitter box that connects to the PC by USB and a receiver box that plugs in to the back of the amplifier. The receiver also needs to be plugged in for power. All cables are supplied.

There are some quibbles, but they’re not sufficient for me to wish I’d lashed out the extra for the Squeezebox or Sonos. For example, the music is delivered to the amp at low volume, so that I need to turn it up higher than for any other input. But for less than $100 delivered, this is good value.

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