ReadWriteWeb is 5

On April 20, 2003, Richard MacManus posted about Read/Write Web. As he kept on doing so, ReadWriteWeb became one of the best ongoing accounts on what’s going on with Web 2.0.

Happy birthday to RWW and congratulations to Richard and the other people involved with its success. I enjoyed today’s celebratory post. I will disagree with one of the things that Richard says in it, though. I don’t think that RWW “has retained the same essential character and ‘voice’ that it had.” It can’t, since most of RWW is now written by people other than Richard.

RWW is no longer the blog written by Richard. It is the publication run by Richard. It’s still excellent, but in a rather different way.

Anyway, congratulations to Richard on his healthy 5 year old kid.

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