Blog Software Firms Spread Their Wings

Acquia was started up by Dries Buytaert, the lead developer of the Drupal CMS, in late 2007. At the time I remarked on the similarities between Acquia and Automattic.

Now that Dries has announced Mollom, there’s a new and significant similarity. Mollom, like Automattic’s Akismet, is a spam-fighting web service. Duncan at TechCrunch reports that Akismet is the current market leader.

Here are a couple of ways in which Mollom is following the leader. In each case, the server code is closed-source, even though it comes from a firm notable for its foundations in open source. In each case, the spam-fighting service can be invoked by any client using the API: Mollom isn’t just for Drupal, any more than Akismet is just for WordPress. One of the main differences is that Mollom uses captcha, albeit only when it’s unsure whether it’s just bitten on spam or ham.

Meanwhile, Six Apart has made an acquisition that expands its range beyond blogging, albeit into a closely related domain. Mike Arrington posted a guest the acquired firm contest on Friday. It now has almost 400 comments: that guy really knows how to get his audience going.

It turns out that Six Apart acquired Apperceptive. Here’s how Rafat Ali described the deal.

SixApart, the blogging software firm with products like MovableType, Typepad and Vox, is now moving up the value chain into offering advertising and consulting services, and has bought New York City-based social media creative agency, Apperceptive. The financial details were not disclosed.

In case you, like me, were wondering what “social media creative agency” means, it seems to be how they say “ad network” on the mean streets of New York.

4 thoughts on “Blog Software Firms Spread Their Wings”

  1. Acquia doesn´t see itself as a provider of “Blog Software” as you state in your headline. I think their Drupal based software products are marketed as much more than being able to use it for a Blog. If you have a look at their product sites at – they don´t even mention Blogs there. And – NO – I have no relationship with Acquia, I don´t work for them and I know none of them personally 🙂

  2. Hero,
    Thanks for the comment. It would indeed have been better to have used a term such as “Publishing Platform” to cover both WordPress and Drupal.

  3. Mollom is not a project of Acquia. My thanks to Dries for the email in which he pointed that out to me. Dries is a founder of Mollom, as well as of Acquia.

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