A Whole New Manga on Careers

The chopstick-wielding manga character is Johnny Bunko. He’s about to get some career advice.

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko is: a book on careers; a blog; the work of Dan Pink (writer) and Rob Ten Pas (artist). I’ve read, and highly recommend, one of Dan’s previous books: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.

The blog/site for the book has a WTF? page rather than an FAQ page. One of the question and answer pairs is “Why write a career guide in manga?” and:

… What they want in a book, or so people tell me, are what they can’t get from Google. They want strategic lessons – and they want it presented in an accessible, to-the-point way… You can read this book in an hour.

Now for some fancy multimedia stuff. There is a widget, but the WordPress.com version doesn’t seem to work. It turned up in the original version of this post as a link to the widget page at ClearSpring and a link to the book site. But I can embed the video trailer.

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