Johnny Haiku

The 6-word memoir meme has spread to Johnny Bunko, the career guide in manga form (previously). Or rather, it’s spread to the Bunko blog, via the personal blog of author Dan Pink.

It’ll soon be time for Bunko haikus (Bunkus?). Here are a couple, the first of which is merely a compression of the six Bunko lessons into 17 syllables.

Do not plan. Think strengths.
It’s not about you. Persist.
Make great mistakes. Leave mark.

Chopsticks snap at dusk
Hastening a new morning
For Johnny’s career.

4 thoughts on “Johnny Haiku”

  1. Gosh, and I just thought it was old Missouri wisdom.

    She also said: “People are funnier than anybody”, and..
    “You just can’t make up things stranger than what people really do!”

    John would have agreed with her on both of these insights , I’m sure.

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