Two Remarkable Things

A platypus called Frankie just left a comment on this blog. I found this so remarkable that I broke my Twitter silence to tell my legions of followers about it.

As to the second remarkable thing, I’ll leave it to you to decide which of the following best qualifies.

  • The platy is called Frankie. That’s a very unusual name among duck-billed mammals.
  • An Australian (Frankie) complimented a pom (me).
  • Twitter was up.

2 thoughts on “Two Remarkable Things”

  1. Twitter was up, eh Andrew? …now that’s exactly me point… It’s inside you – a bit of the ole birdie tweet. Your avian nature comin’ forth. How about “Slither”? The ole reptile in your genes… Monday morning and all… you got a “Slither” site for that? It’s all in the song Jillie sings on me CD – Evolution –she just makes it about girlies. Cause she is one.

    You’re right about me name: Frankie. Not usual for a duckbilled platypus. “Glennie,” me sistah, who got her genes decoded and all over the news, is a more typical name… a pommy affair. Yet the researcher who discovered me name didn’t even make it on to the webbed site or the Comic… Susan, sweet Susan… me love interest! Scribe and Art Girl probably got jealous and just cut her! She’s outta the frame, but not outta me heart!!! Hear that Suzie Q.? Suzie was new in the lab and I was floatin’ in me tank… She and Arvin, the lab head were having high-falutin’ conversation about “ontongeny recapitualting phylogeny in me REM sleep…” so I got in the mood and started croonin’ “Strangers in the Night” in the particularly fine scoobie doobie doo da doobie way that I do… and she HEARD me. Leaned up against the tank “Frankie… Frankie.” she said… and she got it right. (Well, I guess you had to be there, mate… or read the play…)

    Now this pom etymology of yours is very interesting, not so much for its content, which goes a bit over me bill, but for me observations of your human kind and the way you like to dig into the origins of everything: a word, genetic code, your evolutionary ancestors… you even dig at it back wards… a “backronym?” Now I can appreciate that, mate, but let me tell you that diggin’ in the mud for a few tasty yabbies (and we all know what they are – thanks to you) is a bit tastier… ought to try it some time. With ‘umble felicitation I am
    Truly yr. Platy,

  2. nice pic. check out the post I wrote yesterday about echidnas and platypii. I am the missing link between Matthew McConaughey and koalas and I will be Down Under next week.

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