Two Strange and Sinster Quotes

The first quote is “CHECKERD SKULL 2PK.” I own the stuff to which it refers. The second is as follows.

In 1933 a bathysphere expedition intended to break the world record for ocean descent was lost under mysterious circumstances. The cause of the disaster was never determined and no three-toed sloth was ever put in command of a bathysphere again.

That second quote inspired the image you (I hope) see. It’s by Phineas X. Jones, and I became aware of it via Robot Walrus.

Back to that first quote, the one about checker’d skulls. It’s from a receipt we got at Old Navy on Sunday, when I bought a 2-pack of socks for $1.99 (less than fitty cent a sock)! One pair has a checker pattern, the other skulls. No prizes for guessing which pair I expect to wear more.

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